the war for affordable models is already in full swing

The Opel boss has hinted that a new ultra-affordable electric car slotted under the Corsa is in the works. The latter should cost less than 25,000 euros and will then chase the lands of the Volkswagen ID.2 as well as the Citroën ë-C3.

Electric cars are too expensive. In any case, this is the argument that many detractors still give to this engine. While it is true that the price still represents a barrier for many motorists, things are slowly changing. It is even said that parity with thermal energy should arrive by the end of the decade.

An entry-level model

And this is due to the fall in the cost of lithium, but not only that. Indeed, more and more manufacturers are interested in very affordable electric cars, which should ultimately drive prices down. This is for example the case of Renault with its R5 E-Tech, which will however cost a little more than expected, but also of Volkswagen, which unveiled its ID.2all concept. But these are not the only brands to address the issue.

And for good reason, this is also the case of Opel, which is currently considering marketing your own car for less than 25,000 euros. In any case, this is what the boss of the German firm, Florian Huettl, suggests, who was able to speak with the site’s journalists. Carscoops. The latter explains that “there is room in the range for a smaller model » located under the Corsa-e.

Opel Corsa Electric (2023)

For the record, the electric city car currently starts from 29,550 euros, ecological bonus of 5,000 euros not deducted. The manufacturer believes that very affordable cars should strongly develop in the future, since they meet a customer need. This is precisely what we explained in a previous article.

But what do we already know about this next city car, which still remains very mysterious for the moment? According to our source, the latter could rest on the STLA Small platform developed by the Stellantis group and which was inaugurated on the new Citroën ë-C3 unveiled a few days earlier. This should in fact equip no less than seven new models in the future.

No less than 20,000 euros

Could this new very low-cost Opel therefore inherit the technical sheet of its herringbone cousin? This could be entirely likely. For the record, the latter has a 44 kWh battery offering a range of 320 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle and can be recharged in 26 minutes at a power of 100 kW. Its electric motor claims 113 horsepower.

Of course, it is also possible that Opel will offer slightly different features to its electric city car, for example with firmer running gear. But nothing has been confirmed yet, while it is rumored that this new arrival would already be under development. But for now, no launch date has been announced by the manufacturer, which remains relatively quiet on the subject.

This new, very affordable model should logically go titillate the Volkswagen ID.2, as well as the future city car for less than 25,000 euros also planned by Ford. Not to mention the Dacia Spring, which currently remains the cheapest electric car on the market. For its part, Fiat also plans to launch a new generation Panda, also at a very affordable price. Tesla should also enter the dance with its future Model 2.

On the other hand, Opel is currently closing the door to a car under 20,000 euros like the future Volkswagen ID.1. For the brand’s boss, this is not possible due to the cost of materials, which still remains too high.

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