The Tesla Model 3 is dead, long live the new Tesla Model 3

According to the latest news, the current Tesla Model 3 would end its production this August to make way for the restyled Model 3 in September. Design, price, delivery times, we’re full of info.

Everything fits. If you take the announcements of the last few days or weeks from the top, timeline changes on Tesla’s site, and new rumors from knowledgeable people, it all adds up. And the current Tesla Model 3 is living the last few hours. If you haven’t already!

We are obviously talking here about the Phase 2 of the electric sedan, but the Model 3 is of course not about to disappear from the landscape. On the contrary. Phase 3 would indeed be in the starting blocks, to flood the market (provided it sells… but hard to doubt) from October. Moreover, by placing an order on the configurator today, it is possible that this is the news, otherwise called “Project Highland” that you will receive in a few months. But let’s take the information one by one.

First deliveries from September

It all starts with a tweet, several even, in recent hours on the account Tesla China Analyst. And it starts with the announcement that the “old Model 3″ (literal translation) will be discontinued this August. And to unroll the calendar by specifying that the production of the new model will begin in September, followed in October by the first deliveries.

The old model 3 will stop production this month, the new model 3 will start mass production in September, and deliveries will begin in October.$tsla

— Tesla China Analyst (@teslashanghai) August 3, 2023

A second tweet a few hours later, still from the same informant who seems very close to what is happening on the side of the Giga Shanghai, brings a modification to the schedule set out just before: deliveries would start in September rather than in October. But the message mainly adds a certain amount of information on the Model 3 to come.

Porsche Macan lights

Indeed, according to the various points listed by the informant, who nevertheless call for the greatest caution while awaiting the necessary official confirmations from Tesla, the restyled Model 3 will offer a “more impressive” design, approaching in the general impression of what a Model S offers. Should we see the arrival of a hatchback?

Highland Project Update:
1. Trial production has already begun, and mass deliveries will start in September, ahead of the initial expectations.
2. The project is highly confidential, and as soon as a trial vehicle is produced, it will be concealed.
3. The new car has a more…

— Tesla China Analyst (@teslashanghai) August 3, 2023

On the design side, he also tells us about lights “similar to those of a Porsche Macan”. We don’t know exactly what that means except maybe there will be an LED light strip that will cross the rear trunk from side to side? In any case, this would undermine the suggestions based on spy photos that have flourished on the Internet, which seemed to intend the Model 3 to have boomerang lights… which looked more like those of a Skoda Scala than those of the German SUV. . The future will tell us who is right.

More autonomy… for the same price!

Still according to the same source, this new Model 3 vintage 2024 will be equipped with a lithium-ion phosphate battery internally called BT43, which would offer increased autonomy compared to the current model. This would corroborate the information we already had according to which we should expect an increase in autonomy of around 10%.

Very good news that does not come alone, since we also know more about the price. And, surprise, it would remain identical to the one currently offered. Tesla China Analyst announces a price of 200,000 yuan, which would equate at the current exchange rate to just under 25,500 euros. There will obviously be adjustments depending on the country, and the price with us will be higher than this simple conversion taking into account the taxes. But another index confirms that prices here should not increase.

The Model 3 Highland already in the configurator?

Indeed, a simple passage on the Tesla configurator is enough to discover that the delivery times of the Model 3 have lengthened a little, and this on all the versions offered in the catalog. No new Model 3 deliveries before October 2023. Even already 2024 for some versions!

We are ready 🚀🚗🔋
Deliveries between October 2023 and January 2024 depending on configuration! #highland #you’re here

— Tesla Owners Club France (@TeslaClubFrance) August 2, 2023

  • Tesla Model 3 Propulsion: October-November 2023
  • Tesla Model 3 Long Autonomy: October-November 2023
  • Tesla Model 3 Performance: November 2023 – January 2024

As a reminder, a few days ago, Tesla closed its factory in Fremont, California for 48 hours for updates. A sign that many observers interpreted as an update intended to accommodate the production of this restyled Model 3.

And then there’s this big clearance sale on cars in stock which continues on the side of Tesla, with discounts all the more interesting as customers are inclined to pick up their new car in a very short time, namely within 7 days. The message is clear: Tesla no longer wants a Model 3 in stock.

When we tell you that everything fits…

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