The Tesla Cybertruck reveals a surprising new secret: between amazement and disappointment

While its production has just started, the Tesla Cybertruck reveals another of its secrets: its front trunk, or frunk. But it will be better not to count on it too much given its very small size.

To say that the Tesla Cybertruck was expected is an understatement. Indeed, the electric pickup was officially unveiled at the end of 2019, but it was not until last July that its production finally began. In the meantime, the latter had already made a lot of talk about him, and his many specificities.

A little frunk

If the first copies have already left the factory, the latter, which hunts on the lands of Ford F-150 Lightning and other GMC Hummer EVs, would not yet be quite successful. But it seems that he didn’t reveal all his secrets either. In any case, this is confirmed by the American site. Electrekwhich has just relayed a short video showing another aspect of the vehicle.

On the images shared on TikTok and filmed inside the Gigafactory located in Texas, we see several copies of the Cybertruck. And one of them particularly intrigues us. Note that its front cover is lifted, revealing a very small frunky. For the record, this name designates the trunk located at the front of electric cars, which is in fact the contraction of the more official word ” front trunk in the language of Shakespeare.


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And the least we can say is that this storage space seems tiny, which is not the case on all cars. For example, that of the F-150 Lighting is 400 liters, while that of the Rivian R1T also has a very large volume of 314 liters. For now, we do not know the capacity of the frunky Cybertruck, but it should be much lower.

Fortunately, the latter should catch up with its large dumpster in the back. If its payload has not yet been communicated by Tesla, we know that it displays a generous length of approximately 1.89 meters. This should allow it to carry many bulky objects. In total, the utility measures 5.86 meters and has a very generous wheelbase of 3.68 meters.

A versatile vehicle

We should know more over the next few months, as the American manufacturer plans to start deliveries of its van from the end of September. On the other hand, we already know a lot about the pick-up, which will be equipped with a function allowing it to move crab. This has also been studied by Hyundai on its Ioniq 5 but should not be offered immediately.

For the record, the Tesla Cybertruck will be the first model from the American firm to be equipped with the new 4680 cells. These will be slightly different from those already fitted to the Model Y. should already be around 800 kilometers according to the American EPA cycle.

The weight of the pick-up would also be reduced, as well as its price, while the latter is not yet known for the moment. As a reminder, the vehicle will be available in several versions, namely a classic Dual Motor as well as a sportier variant. It should carry no less than three motors, as on the Tesla Model S Plaid. The declination with four engines has meanwhile been set aside.

If the manufacturer has not confirmed the use of an 800 volt architecture, we know that the utility is equipped with a 48 volt system which makes it possible to reduce the wiring. This will also have an impact on the cost of production and the price paid by customers. Of course, autonomous driving is also part of the game, thanks to the new Hardware 4. Charging can be done at a power of 1,000 kW via Megachargers.

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