The Tesla Cybertruck is the first electric car to feature these new batteries

Just launched, the Tesla Cybertruck is equipped with a battery made up of new 4680 cells designed by the brand. But these would be slightly different from those installed on the Model Y, displaying in particular a better energy density. This results in increased autonomy.

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To say that we’ve been hearing about the Tesla Cybertruck for a while is an understatement. And for good reason, it was already in 2019 that the electric pickup was officially revealed. But it was finally only four years later that its production began, despite some design problems that seem to remain.

new batteries

If the first customers should soon receive their copy, the one whose Ford boss kindly made fun of a few weeks earlier has not yet revealed all his secrets. In addition to the price, which has not yet been officially revealed to the public, the manufacturer communicates very little about the batteries that equip the electric utility. And there would be a little surprise about it.

Indeed, according to Tesla’s head of engineering and powertrain, the Cybertruck is hiding a little secret, as he explained during a conference with investors. Relayed by the site Green Car Reportshe asserts thathere in Texas, we are preparing to launch our Cybertruck cell, which has 10% higher energy density to current production“.

But what could that possibly mean? Because we know that the pick-up is equipped with 4680 cells, the same ones that also equip certain versions of the Tesla Model Y, including an entry-level variant that recently appeared in the catalog. But those hidden under the floor of the Cybertruck would be slightly different, notably displaying a higher energy density.

For the record, the new 4680s, which had been announced in the course of 2020 display a higher density compared to the cells hitherto used by the manufacturer, baptized 2170. They can indeed store five times more energy and release six times more power. This makes it possible to offer an autonomy increase of 16%. But the manufacturer would not have succeeded in increasing the density, before this new announcement. This explains why the autonomy of the Tesla Model Y equipped with 4680 batteries is not superior to the classic version.

Increased autonomy?

During the revelation of this rival of the Ford F-150 Lightning, Elon Musk announced a range of around 800 kilometers. This figure is undoubtedly understood according to the American EPA cycle which is more severe than our European WLTP. But since then, water has flowed under the bridges and we could expect an even higher value, while the manufacturer is quite tight-lipped.

But it’s also possible that these denser batteries don’t translate to a greater distance that can be traveled. It may indeed be that the firm takes advantage of the increase in density to put fewer cells, which would make it possible to reduce the weight of the vehicle, as well as its price. A real asset, especially since the 4680 would already cost less to produce than conventional cells.

These are made with the help of Samsung, which recently opened a production line to support Tesla. The manufacturer did not give details regarding the design of these slightly modified cells, simply saying that it was made possible by ” optimizations in development and design“, without saying more. In 2020, Elon Musk already claimed that this battery would be the ” cornerstone of Cybertruck development“.

It remains to be seen whether all versions of the electric pickup, rival of the Hummer EV and other Ram 1500 REVs will be equipped with these new batteries and whether this is already the case for the models currently produced. For memory, these cells are currently manufactured in Texasbut production in Europe was also planned at the Gigafactory in Berlin.

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