Fiskus wzywa Polaków na dywanik. Może nałożyć karę finansową

The taxman calls Poles on the carpet. May impose a financial penalty

The tax office has started to audit tax returns for 2023. If any irregularities are detected, he will summon Poles to the carpet.

Today (April 30) is the deadline for filing tax returns for 2023. Many people probably left it until the last minute, but most of them should have settled their accounts with the tax office a long time ago. He is now going on the hunt and will call for explanations in case of any irregularities, reports Rzeczpospolita.

The taxman calls for the carpet

The Tax Office has already started auditing tax returns submitted by Poles. If it detects any irregularities, it will call on citizens for explanations. The most common mistakes, according to the tax office, are:

  • Failure to provide all sources of income
  • Incorrect tax calculation
  • No confirmations attached
  • Filling out the form incorrectly

In case of irregularities, the tax office asks you to submit the necessary correction. It's best to do this as soon as possible. If there is no reaction, the Tax Office may determine the amount of tax due and even impose a financial penalty.

Importantly, if irregularities are detected by officials, you cannot use active repentance, i.e. voluntary notification of a tax offense or offense, which allows you to avoid punishment (at the time of paying the arrears).

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