Fiskus robi zmasowaną kontrolę. Dotyczy nawet 20 mln ludzi

The tax office conducts massive inspections. It affects up to 20 million people

Poles may become recipients of letters from the Tax Office. This applies to up to 20 million people.

Many Internet users have exposed an item to someone more than once or twice auction platform for sale. Regardless of whether we sell items we no longer need, unwanted gifts, mass resale of branded products, The Tax Office will treat everyone equally. Poles trading on auction platforms can expect inspections.

Letter from the Tax Office for selling on an auction platform

According to the website, Poles may become the recipients letters from the Tax Office. From their content we learn that the institution is aware of the activity of the recipient of the letter on the Internet and calls for immediate reporting to the business activity recordsto meet tax obligations. This means that the tax office is monitoring the activity of Poles on the Internet.

Behavioral letters, as the institution called them, will go to people who they regularly trade on the Internet, and their activities may have the characteristics of a business activity that has not been registered. The whole situation is the result of the DAC7 directive passed last year, which introduced additional regulations for people trading goods online. According to tax office inspection may affect up to 20 million Polish men and women.

You need to go to the office and explain your situation. And before that, consider whether what we do is actually a business. If we convince the officials that we are far from the company, the whole matter should fall apart. The sale of private items that we have had for more than half a year is not subject to PIT

– says Grzegorz Gębka, tax advisor at the GTA law firm, quoted by

People who received such a letter should act quickly and properly report the matter to the tax office. If the Tax Office’s suspicions are correct, it is best to register your business immediately to avoid further repercussions. If we actually sold only items we no longer need, a special declaration should be submitted. A specialist, e.g. a tax advisor, can help in its preparation.

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