Słońce zniknie. 8 kwietnia szykuje się niezwykła atrakcja

The sun will disappear. There will be an extraordinary attraction on April 8

Next Monday, April 8, you will be able to watch a total solar eclipse. This is a very phenomenal event that is worth seeing with your own eyes, although this time it will not be easy for Poles. Where to watch the solar eclipse?

This time, fate favors us North America. It is on this continent that you will be able to see total solar eclipse. The total solar eclipse belt, allowing you to see the phenomenon in its most spectacular form, stretches from Mexico, through Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and further through the border of the USA and Canada.

Where to watch the eclipse - map
source: http://xjubier.free.fr/

Mother of dragons as an addition

At least this is the theory, which was created on the basis of detailed calculations of the movements of the Earth and the Moon towards the Sun (it was worth paying attention in math and physics). But in practice everything in this zone indicated above will be in the hands of the weather. So far, long-term forecasts have appeared, but in their case it is still difficult to be absolutely certain.

The eclipse itself however, this is not the only attraction, which can wait for careful observers. It has recently been seen in the northern hemisphere comet 12P/Pons-Brooks with the cute name “Mother of dragons“. 8th April it will be too close to the Sun to see it in its glow, if it happens to be our star it won't go out even for a moment. And that's exactly what will happen. According to the fanpage With your head in the stars “There is a slight chance that the comet will have a brightness of about 3-4 magnitude, which, with little photography skills, would allow us to capture it at the moment of the maximum phase of the solar eclipse.”

Poland? He'll wait some more

Will the solar eclipse be visible in Poland? Unfortunately not this time. Similarly, with the next one, which is to take place in autumn – then the show will be available to watch in Argentina and Chile. We will only see them as soon as possible in March next year, although it will only be a partial eclipse.

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