Dziwaczny sprzęt wywołał sensację. W Polsce też taki mamy

The strange equipment caused a sensation. We also have one in Poland

The “magic” portal connected New York with Dublin and quickly became an urban sensation. An identical one has been in place in Lublin since 2021.

Portals that allow you to quickly move between two distant places are currently only the domain of fantasy literature and video games, but not for Lithuanian entrepreneur Benediktas Gylys. Of course, the businessman did not break the laws of physics. However, he played with the formula in such a way that it attracted thousands of random people.

Using the services of the British company Video Windows, which offers remote work solutions on a daily basis, Gylys connected New York with Dublin. How? The portals mentioned above have just been built in both cities.

This is about stone circles weighing up to 3.5 tons, which have a camera and microphone system and an LCD screen. Thanks to this set and, of course, the broadband network, passers-by in one city can watch in real time what is happening in the other city and vice versa. This creates the effect of a fairy-tale transition, although of course only visually.

Euronews reports that the installation quickly gained popularity and people they eagerly gathered in front of it to see what was happening across the Ocean. Some of them even began to organize, quite spontaneously, numerous artistic performances in front of the camera, and apparently they soon found followers on the other side.

It is worth adding that this is not the first attraction of this type in the world, and Gylys himself has already created one portal before. More precisely in 2021, connecting Vilnius with Lublin. Interestingly, at that time he presented this unusual installation as temporary, but despite initial declarations, he did not remove it by the August deadline. The equipment, located on Litewski Square, is still standing today and anyone can see it.

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