the size of the Sony PS5 Slim versus the PlayStation 5

The PS5 Slim arrived with its share of new features, promises and some gray areas. Although it is presented as being 30% smaller than the classic PS5, what is it really? Here are 3D renderings to compare.

So yes, the PS5 Slim is smaller, with dimensions of 35.8 x 21.6 x 9.6 cm compared to the 39 x 26 x 10.4 cm of the classic PS5. So, indeed, she has shrunk! In fact, a Reddit user, u/NatureCertain, shared a 3D comparison of the two models to really visualize this difference. However, “slim” may be a bit of an exaggerated term, especially when looking at it next to the regular PS5 model without a disc drive.

One problem, however: the new support, to be purchased separately, is wider. So even though the console is more compact, if you plan to stand it upright, it’s going to take up a little more space. Plus, even though it’s narrower, it’s still taller than the Xbox Series X, which can be a problem in some TV stands.

Sony PlayStation 5 Slim CssTricks 2023

Some welcome additions

It’s not just the size that changes! The PS5 Slim will also be lighter in energy consumption, which, let’s face it, can only be a good point. And then, the SSD goes from 825 GB to 1 TB, which means more space for your games.

Small bonus that can make the difference: the disk drive is optional and can be added after purchase. This means that if you choose the version without the reader to save a few euros on purchase, you can always add it later if you ever change your mind.

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