the situation is becoming really critical for these connected electric bikes

In the grip of financial difficulties for several months, the Dutch brand of electric bicycles VanMoof has suspended the purchase of its connected electric bicycles, and this could last.

If you were planning to treat yourself to a Vanmoof in the next few days, bad news! You are right, the site is still online, with the presentation pages of the recent S5 and A5, as well as the very recent Vanmoof S4 and X4 launched last June. However, it is impossible to configure or order one of their electric bikes. It is only possible to book a trial in the shops of Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux.

“We have temporarily suspended our sales in order to catch up with the production and delivery of our orders”, can we read on the official Vanmoof website. But this one wants to reassure the fate of those who ordered their bike until yesterday: “Rest assured that this does not impact our service for our existing customers.” And it’s the same for accessories such as baskets or additional “Powerbank” battery. But what explains this radical measure?

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Vanmoof close to bankruptcy?

According Techcrunch, business is very bad for the brand. However, it was one of the coats of arms of the cycle industry having raised the most money. But by digging, the American media weaves a tumultuous financial journey, Vanmoof having verged on bankruptcy in January 2023, and it is now the leaders – president, CEO and a co-founder – who have left the ship. This also follows a significant increase in the selling price of the Vanmoof S5 and A5, today at 3,498 euros.

Sales would have stopped exactly on June 29, and we were able to verify that they were already inactive on July 1. Currently, the Dutch firm is looking for a lifeline to continue its activities. If another page of the French site mentions “a problem”it is not a one-time payment case, since it has been going on for almost two weeks.

Capture site VanMoof sales break

In any case, the manufacturer’s Twitter account remains active by responding to customers (unhappy because of late deliveries or orders on breaks), and even reminds us that the Vanmoof V speedbike will indeed be in production by the end of 2023. Proof that Vanmoof is not yet buried? Case to follow.

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