the robot dog finally looks like a dog

During its annual CEO conference, Xiaomi made several announcements. Among them: the CyberDog 2, sequel to the first CyberDog of the name. It is neither more nor less than a dog-robot, intended to be a “companion” object.

This Monday, August 14, the general manager and founder of Xiaomi Lei Jun held a conference to present some new features. The brand was able to announce the Mix Fold 3, its high-end foldable smartphone, but also the Xiaomi Pad 6 Max and the Smart Band 8 Pro. But what stands out is obviously the CyberDog 2, its robot which takes the form of a dog.

An improved CyberDog, which looks more like a dog

Two years ago, Xiaomi presented the CyberDog, its first robot in the form of a dog. It was already the one more thing of the brand conference, like this year. We had seen him with our own eyes, and as much to say that he did not look so much like a dog as that.

The design is completely revised this year, taking the form of a doberman, which brings it closer to the design of a Sony Aibo. We recognize better the legs, but also and especially the head. The CyberDog 2 has an actual muzzle and small ears on top.

A robot-dog which also takes the size of a doberman being smaller than the previous generation: 36.7 centimeters in height. However, the weight is not at all the same: when a dog of this breed exceeds 30 kilos, the CyberDog 2 does not ” that » 8.9. The idea for Xiaomi was to develop a smaller model, which is more ” cute “. But the more we reduce the size, the more we increase the difficulty of design, since it is necessary to miniaturize the 12 servomotors, which can make it go at 1.6 m/s maximum.

Xiaomi wants to make its dog robot open source

Xiaomi says it has improved the mobility of its robot with self-developed CyberGear micro-actuators. Enough to handle more complicated maneuvers, “ such as continuous back somersault and fall recovery or skateboarding. With its some 19 sensors dedicated to vision, touch or hearing, this robot has a decision-making system.

Another desire of the manufacturer expressed for the CyberDog 2: makes it open source. He wants to convince developers to create programs dedicated to dogs by providing programming tools and dog detection capabilities. Among the thoughtful uses, the CyberDog 2 can follow its owner, recognize it easily. The latter can also make him do tricks by making him certain gestures.

During the conference, Xiaomi indicated the price of the CyberDog 2: 12,999 yuan, or 1,642 euros according to the current price. The robot will be available in black, blue, but also in gold. No word during the conference on the CyberOne, humanoid robot presented by Xiaomi last year.

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