the ranking is clear, but not without Apple

The Easy Cash platform shares a second-hand barometer in France which confirms a trend: Apple iPhones are crushing the second-hand smartphone market.

Apple is perhaps not systematically the brand that sells the most new smartphones (and even then, it still positions itself very well). However, the American brand is not shying away from the second-hand market. This is the least we can say by consulting the “second hand barometer» shared by Easy Cash, French specialist in the purchase and resale of used and reconditioned products.

Based on its data – and in particular on its Easy Price tool which allows you to monitor and predict the evolution of the price of second-hand products – the company has drawn up a Top 10 of the best-selling used smartphones in 2023 There is only one possible observation: Apple’s iPhones reign as undisputed and indisputable masters.

The Top 10 used smartphones according to Easy Cash

In order, here are the smartphones that make up the Easy Cash Top 10.

Commenting on this Top 10, Easy Cash points out that there is nothing surprising about it.

In 2023, as in 2022 and for many years, it is, unsurprisingly, the Apple brand (for its 64 GB versions) which largely dominates sales and, more specifically, the iPhone 11. It is closely followed by the XR and the 8 which move between 2nd and 3rd place depending on the time of year.

As for the only device outside the iPhone in the ranking, the Galaxy A40 from Samsung, Easy Cash explains that it has lost a place compared to 2022 and that it could leave the Top 10 by the end of the year. It should indeed bedislodged by the iPhone 12 Pro Max (128 GB)“. So another Apple smartphone.

The residual value of iPhones

This hegemony of Apple, especially against the other giant Samsung, is however somewhat tempered. “We have twice as many Samsung references as Apple available in store. The offer is therefore more diluted for the Korean brand: this partly explains why Samsung is only in 10th place this year. On the new home market in France, these two brands each share around 20% of the market. At Easy Cash, Apple largely monopolizes the number 1 position, with 46%, Samsung reaches 26%, Xiaomi 8% and the others, around 19%.», comments Valentin Klein di Giacomo, director of partnerships and innovation at Easy Cash.

However, the barometer highlights another key element in Apple’s dominance in this ranking: residual value. This remains higher on a used iPhone than on a Samsung. “A consumer will lose less money when reselling their iPhone“, we read in the document.

An argument that often comes up to explain the predominance of iPhones among refurbished smartphones. Another advantage of Apple devices: they benefit from iOS updates for many years, thus remaining relevant long after their release.

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