the PS5 wireless headphones will be accompanied by a gaming headset

Sony has announced more information about its wireless headphones for gaming, the PlayStation Pulse Explore. They will be accompanied by a PlayStation Pulse Elite headset.

Last May, Sony created a surprise by presenting, during a PlayStation Showcase conference, wireless headphones designed to be used with its PlayStation 5, but not only. This Wednesday, the Japanese manufacturer provided more information on what will now be called the Sony Pulse Explore alongside its PlayStation Portal controller.

Earphones with unprecedented sound reproduction

If the FCC had delivered some additional information at the end of July, in particular by revealing that the headphones will be based on Bluetooth LE Audio and that they will be equipped with a USB dongle for a faster connection, it is the first time that the manufacturer has provided so much technical information on its Pulse Explores:

The Pulse Explore are our first pair of wireless headphones, with a premium portable audio experience thanks to dual microphones and AI-enhanced noise reduction to filter out ambient noise. They also offer lossless audio and come with a charging case.

PlayStation Pulse Explore Headphones

The headphones will also benefit from a new type of planar magnetic transducers. What offer, in theory, a better sound reproduction, especially in the high frequencies.

A new wireless headset for PlayStation

The Sony Pulse Explore will also be accompanied by a new gaming headset. After the Pulse 3D, launched in 2020, Sony will launch its new Pulse Elite headset – a headset that had not yet been presented so far.

The PlayStation Pulse Elite headset

Here too, the helmet will benefit from planar magnetic transducers. It also incorporates a retractable microphone to communicate with its teammates in game, but also an ambient noise reduction system.

A wireless, latency-free and lossless connection

The most interesting thing about Sony’s new earphones and headphones is above all the technology used for wireless audio. They are in fact compatible with the system “ Playstation Link from Sony, a proprietary protocol aimed at reducing latency as much as possible while enjoying excellent sound quality. ” This innovation offers low latency, lossless audio quality and simple switching between multiple PlayStation Link sources such as a PS5 with USB adapter or PlayStation Portal “, indicates the Japanese firm.

The USB adapter will therefore be necessary to connect the headphones or earphones to a PlayStation 5, but also to a computer. It can also be purchased as an option, if you wish to connect the Pulse Elite or the Pulse Explore to several sources. However, the headphones and earphones are also compatible with Bluetooth audio. On a smartphone, you can therefore use them simply by connecting them like any headset or earphone, but with more latency and compressed audio quality.

The Sony Pulse Elite headphones will be available at a price of 149.99 euros while the Sony Pulse Explore headphones will be displayed at 219.99 euros. For now, the manufacturer has not yet announced an availability date.

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