The PS5 is going transparent, and it’s very cool

dbrand has just marketed new shells for the PS5… transparent!

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is famous for its sleek design, but also for its unique white color. Many of us have complained about this chromatic uniformity, arguing that the limited choice tarnishes the personal and distinctive aspect of their gaming experience.

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In response to this demand, dbrand, a Canadian company specializing in the personalization of electronic products, had decided to come to the aid of gamers by launching its range of shells for PS5, including a black version. The company was so confident that it even dared to provoke Sony by daring it to sue them. An attitude that ultimately proved somewhat presumptuous, Sony having responded with legal action for trademark infringement and unfair competition. Dbrand was therefore forced to withdraw its black case from sale.

But don’t think the story ends there. Dbrand, far from being discouraged, has redoubled its efforts to offer its customers even more attractive alternatives. The company revisited its design and released Darkplates 2.0, bypassing Sony’s legal objections.

Meanwhile, Sony has responded to user demand by offering its own range of covers in various colors, including red, pink, blue, purple and, of course, black. It looks like dbrand has found another way to stand out.

Long live transparency

Indeed, dbrand recently launched transparent plates for the PS5. The company isn’t the first to bet on the transparency trend — a quick look at products like Valve’s Steam Deck is enough to see the popularity of this aesthetic.

But why are we so drawn to transparency? Who doesn’t like a little transparency in their life? In a world where we’re constantly trying to figure out how things work, the chance to peek inside our favorite gadgets is a certain thrill. Like the cogs of a watch, a transparent PS5 allows you to admire the beating heart of its game console.

These transparent shells from dbrand are already available for sale on their official website. Count around fifty euros with shipping and taxes.

It is clear that dbrand has not said its last word in this duel with Sony. The saga of PS5 case customization continues.

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