the price of your subscription will increase by 10 to 20% in France

Spotify has increased its prices in France, with an individual subscription increasing to 11 euros per month and a family subscription increasing by two euros.

Spotify won’t have taken long to make the conversion. While we learned this morning that the music streaming service was thinking of increasing the price of its premium subscription, it is now done in France. On its website, Spotify now announces a price offered at 10.99 euros per month, against 9.99 euros per month so far.

For its part, the Duo offer goes to 14.99 euros per month, the family offer to 17.99 euros per month and the Student offer to 5.99 euros per month. These are all Spotify Premium prices that increase from Monday, July 24.

Old price New price Evolution
Staff €9.99 €10.99 +10%
Duo €12.99 €14.99 +15%
Family €15.99 €17.99 +13%
Students 4.99 euros €5.99 +20%

When the price increase is compared to the initial price, it is the subscription for students that increases the most, around 20%, followed by the Duo offer, with an increase of 20%. The personal subscription is relatively preserved, with an increase of 10%.

An increase in price, without new features

However, these price increases are particularly difficult for users to swallow, especially given the lack of additional features or another slice in terms of audio quality. We have been waiting for more than two years for the arrival of Hi-Fi quality on Spotify, a feature already announced by the Swedish streaming platform, but repeatedly postponed – although it has not yet been launched.

The same goes for spatial audio, which is increasingly present on other services – Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music – at no extra cost. On Spotify’s side, these features are expected to require a higher priced subscription.

Note, however, that Spotify is not the only music service to have increased its prices. For their part, Deezer and Apple Music also offer paid offers from 10.99 euros per month.

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