The price of the new electric Kia EV5 should give Tesla cold sweats

A few days after publishing photos of its new EV5, Kia is now revealing its price. And the least we can say is that it should scare the Tesla Model Y, even though it will be priced under 25,000 euros in China. But there is one detail not to forget.

Kia has been offering electric models in its range for a while now, with its e-Soul and other EV6s. But the Korean firm wants to go even further, as it prepares a major offensive for the next few years with Hyundai.

An affordable price

The manufacturer therefore recently formalized its large electric SUV EV9, rival to the Tesla Model X and other Volvo EX90s, as well as its smaller EV5. The latter, which had already been shown a few months earlier, took advantage of the Chengdu show in China to unveil new official photos.

Something to make us salivate while waiting for its next arrival, the official date of which will be revealed a little later. But the Asian firm, which also lifted the veil on an adorable electric city car rivaling the Dacia Spring, had not yet communicated its price. It’s now done, through its Chinese divisionwhere the electric SUV will be sold first.

This is the site The Korean Car Blog which reveals this information to us, which should inspire even more customers. Indeed, this new arrival in the range, which will chase in particular the lands of Tesla Model Y and other Volkswagen ID.4 should start from 159,800 yuan, which is equivalent to around 20,000 euros according to the current exchange rate. The most high-end version will be displayed at 229,800 yuan, or only 28,889 euros.

A price that already makes our mouths water and that should give Tesla a cold sweat. For the record, his compact SUV is currently displayed from 45,990 euros in its entry-level Propulsion version in France, after several sharp price cuts. But be careful, because you have to remember that the price displayed in China is revised sharply upwards once the cars are sold here. Thus, the EV5 could suffer from very high inflation in Europe.

For comparison, the Tesla Model Y is sold in China from 263,900 yuan, or about 33,240 euros. It’s still much more expensive than the Kia EV5.

Several versions

Either way, the Kia EV5 should stay below 47,000 euros and would therefore be eligible for the ecological bonus of 5,000 euros, just like its American rival. And even if the price is significantly higher in Europe, the latter still has something to worry about. And for good reason, the new Kia EV5 really wants to make a big impact and is banking on many advantages to do so. Starting of course with its engine.

For the time being, the manufacturer does not give precise information on the power of its electric SUV, nor on its performance. On the other hand, we know that the latter should carry an LFP (lithium – iron – phosphate) battery supplied by BYD and displaying a capacity of 82 kWh for a range of 600 kilometers according to the Chinese CLTC cycle. Or approximately 510 kilometers WLTP.

Very fast charging… or slow?

But where the EV5 could crush the Model Y is thanks to its 800-volt architecture, which should help it charge very quickly. Some rumors announce a 10 to 80% achieved in 18 minutes, but the Chinese site Autohome evoked 27 minutes to go from 30 to 80% with the largest battery, the capacity of which is not yet known at the moment. This would offer a range of 700 kilometers. There is doubt, since the Tesla requires between 20 and 25 minutes to go from 10 to 80% battery.

But that’s not all, because the SUV has a spacious and technological interior, with a large Mercedes-style digital screen. This should logically be compatible with OTA updates, even if nothing has yet been confirmed at the moment.

Please note that it will be possible tobuy additional options directly via the touch screen, as offered by certain German brands in particular. It remains to be seen when the electric SUV will arrive here. Il will be launched in China at the end of the yearwhile we will know more in October, during Kia EV Day.

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