Specyfikacja PlayStation 5 Pro

The PlayStation 5 Pro specification is amazing. The changes are huge

PlayStation 5 Pro has fewer and fewer secrets for us. We already know almost the full specification and capabilities of the console.

Last week we learned that PlayStation 5 Pro will use an image scaling technique called PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution, and Ray Tracing performance will be up to 4 times better than the base model in some scenarios. Now we have learned the next pieces of the puzzle and it turns out that Sony is preparing the equipment really hard.

PlayStation 5 Pro specifications

We already knew that PlayStation 5 Pro would be equipped with a more powerful graphics system. The base model offers 36 computing units, and the Pro variant will have as many as 60 of them. This means 30 WGP blocks with BVH8 shader support. Thus, PS5 Pro will support the RDNA 4 architecture engine, at least in calculations related to Ray Tracing. This would explain such a large performance increase with ray tracing turned on.

However, the GPU itself, while likely to represent the biggest increase over the base model, is not the only improvement. According to the latest leaks, authored by Tom Henderson, well-known in the industry, PS5 Pro will also have an improved processor.

This one, in a special high-performance mode, will have an increased clock speed of up to 3.85 GHz, i.e. by approximately 10 percent. The memories will also be faster, as their bandwidth will increase from 448 to 576 GB/s. In total, PlayStation 5 Pro is to offer 45 percent. better performance in standard rasterization and up to 4x better in RT. The console will offer 33.5 teraflops of performance, where the regular PS5 is only 10.28 TFLOPS.

Given all these reports, the question becomes justified – does the console really deserve only the word Pro in its name? The changes seem so big that it could very well be PlayStation 6 as well.

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