The Pixel Watch 2 would be entitled to a less noble material… but it’s for the best

According to information from the 9to5Google site, Google would use aluminum instead of stainless steel for its Pixel Watch 2. A choice which would be explained in particular by the gain in lightness.

While Samsung should present, this week, the first connected watches to take advantage of Wear OS 4, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, Google would not be outdone. Like last year, the Mountain View company should take advantage of the fall to present its new range of products, including a new watch, the Google Pixel Watch 2.

For a few months, rumors have been flourishing about this new digital hit. The latest information comes to us from the site 9to5Google who was able to learn more about the design of the new Google Watch.

A less noble material… but lighter

According to information obtained by the American site, Google would have chosen to switch from a material considered rather noble, stainless steel, to a more common material, aluminum, for the case of its Pixel Watch 2. The idea behind this choice, which could seem counter-intuitive, would thus be to lighten the watch compared to the first version. By switching to aluminum, Google would retain the waterproofness of its watch, while making it lighter.

9to5Google recalls for example that the Apple Watch Series 8, available in both stainless steel and aluminum versions, weighs 42 grams with the first metal and 32 grams with the second, each time in the 41 mm format. Google could thus hope to gain greatly in weight, and therefore in comfort of use, by switching to aluminum on its Pixel Watch 2. Remember that the first Pixel Watch displayed 36 grams on the scale. Above all, Google would benefit from the expertise of Fitbit, whose latest watches, the Sense 2 and Versa 4, were already made of aluminum, weighing 26 grams.

The Google Pixel Watch for illustration

In addition to comfort, a lighter watch will also be able to remain more easily stowed on the wrist. A particularly important point for measuring heart rate, especially during training, in order to avoid light interference.

An integrated Fitbit Coach program

Speaking of sports training, the Pixel Watch 2 could also take advantage of coaching programs developed by Fitbit. always according to 9to5GoogleFitbit would have developed different training programs integrated directly into the Pixel Watch 2. Nevertheless, it should be the same features already offered within the Fitbit application for users subscribed to Fitbit Premium.

The Google Pixel Watch 2 is expected to be announced at the Made by Google conference, alongside the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. If the manufacturer sticks to its usual schedule, we can expect a presentation at the beginning of October. But if the firm sticks to its usual practices, we can expect to see the leaks flourish in the coming weeks.

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