The Parisian suburbs could soon benefit from some new self-service electric bikes

The operator Lime communicates interesting figures regarding its fleet of self-service electric bicycles deployed in Paris. Since the end of electric scooters in September, the number of subscriptions has simply exploded. In addition, Lime could deploy its models elsewhere than in Paris.

Since September 1, 2023, self-service electric scooters in Paris are a thing of the past. And this is due to a citizen consultation having voted against their maintenance. The trio of operators previously authorized to operate their fleet, namely Lime, Dott and Tier, were then ordered to withdraw their machines from the capital.

If scooters have disappeared, self-service electric bikes continue to exist. Lime, which has a fleet of 10,000 models distributed throughout Paris, recently communicated on the number of subscriptions it recorded in September. And the least we can say is that a before/after took place.

+ 220% subscriptions

Unsurprisingly, the removal of scooters has had beneficial effects on bicycles. Already, the total number of Lime cycle journeys has doubled between August and September 2023, we learn. Explanations other than the ban on scooters deserve to be addressed, such as the return of the long school holidays and the massive influx of tourists for the Rugby World Cup, which began on September 8.

The most interesting data is that which compares the number of subscriptions from 1 year ago to today. This figure can be considered as a relevant indicator. Lime thus recorded an increase in subscriptions of 220%, “whether it is the new Vélotaf pass or other package offers available in the application“, we can read.

Paris bicycle file

At the end of September, the Vélotaf package was launched to naturally target cycle commuters. The idea is simple: offer 10 trips per week, or one round trip per day, and 200 minutes of travel in total, for the sum of 19.99 euros per month. “Paris ranks 7th among the busiest cities», out of the 270 where Lime operates, explains the press release.

Lime also has clear ambitions to establish itself around Paris itself, namely in the Parisian suburbs. Each day, “nearly 3,000 Lime bike journeys end at the gates of Paris“. Lime interprets this phenomenon as follows: the inhabitants of the inner suburbs of Paris, or even more, express a need.

New cities coming?

Therefore, and “in view of the growing demand from cyclists in recent months in Paris and other cities in France, Lime aims to extend its service to other cities in Île-de-France to support residents in their short and medium distance daily journeys.» Should we expect an increase in its fleet? Why not.

Xavier Miraillès, Director of Public Affairs at Lime in France, agrees: “The stakes will be all the more important in the summer of 2024, in the run-up to the Olympic Games. At Lime, we want to remedy this and plan to deploy our services in a large part of the municipalities of the Greater Paris Metropolis. We are already talking with many cities to obtain the necessary authorizations.»

We can therefore hope to see Lime arrive in new cities in the inner and outer suburbs in the coming months.

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