the outstanding questions that the leaks don’t answer

We know a lot about the iPhone 15, but there are still a few unknowns several days before Apple’s keynote.

Like every year, leaks allow us to know a lot of information in advance about the next iPhone. This year is no exception, and we already know many details about the iPhone 15. However, a dark side still hangs over Apple’s new range of smartphones. Questions that only the conference on September 12 will probably be able to answer.

Will the physical SIM card slot disappear?

Apple likes to experiment with certain new features first in the United States before rolling out a change to the rest of the world. With the iPhone 14 launching in 2022, Apple has decided to no longer offer a physical SIM card slot on its American iPhone. Across the Atlantic, users are forced to use eSIM solutions.

Therefore, we can wonder if Apple will generalize this practice with the iPhone 15 to the rest of the world. Will the model sold in France continue to offer compatibility with physical SIM cards? eSIM is still rare among certain operators, in particular MVNOs.

Will the iPhone increase in price in France?

The transition to the iPhone 14 led to a sharp increase in prices charged by Apple. The brand had chosen to bill the customer for the weakness of the euro against the dollar. As a result, even the first price iPhone 14 was sold above the 1000 euro mark, a first. This represented an increase of between +11 and +16% depending on the model.

Only this time, it is in the United States that the rumor of a price increase is being whispered. Across the Atlantic, the iPhone remained at the same price last year. If Apple announces a price increase for the iPhone 15 in the United States, how will the brand decide for European prices? In recent months, the euro prices of Apple products have been lighter. The brand has even lowered the price of its MacBook Air M2. Maybe the two trends can balance out for an iPhone 15 at the same price as the iPhone 14 a year ago?

What will the highest-end iPhone be called?

Since the launch of the Apple Watch Ultra, the idea of ​​an iPhone Ultra has been gaining ground. This theory is that Apple is changing the name of its most high-end smartphone to further distinguish it from the rest of the range. The iPhone 15 Pro Max would therefore be more simply named iPhone 15 Ultra. This change would imply that in the coming years, the iPhone Ultra would stand out more and more from the iPhone Pro.

Since this is only the name of the product, the information is probably only known to Cupertino’s marketing teams. We will have to wait for the conference to be definitively decided.

What exactly can we do with the iPhone 15’s USB-C port?

The switch from the iPhone to USB-C caused by European legislation is undoubtedly the most recurring topic regarding Apple’s next smartphone. However, doubts persist around Apple’s choices. Because the brand had several possible strategies in front of it in the adoption of USB-C.

If we take stock of the latest rumors, it seems that the iPhone 15 is entitled to a USB-C USB 2.0 port, while the iPhone Pro or Ultra could benefit from a Thunderbolt compatible port. The smartphone box would include a USB-C USB-C cable, but limited to USB 2.0 and Power Delivery fast charging. It would be braided in the colors of the iPhone. A more expensive Thunderbolt 4 cable would be offered as an option by the brand.

Finally, Apple would take advantage of the switch to USB-C to increase the charging speed of the iPhone. The smartphone would now support up to 35 W, that is to say more or less the power offered by the MacBook Air charger.

Here again, we will have to wait until the conference to find out for sure and understand how Apple will announce this historic transition. For the first time, the iPhone will use the same connection and charging port as competitors.

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