Seria NVIDIA GeForce RTX 5000 pojawi się jeszcze w tym roku

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 5000 series will be released later this year

We have good news for people planning to build an efficient computer set. New NVIDIA graphics cards may debut much earlier than expected.

Graphic cards NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4000 debuted on the market at the end of 2022, and a few months ago the series was closed with refreshed models with the note “COOL”. Many people are already waiting for the new generation, which is expected to bring a significant leap in performance in games and programs.

No details on specifications yet

In mid-March, the Greens officially introduced the family NVIDIA Blackwell, i.e. new systems for supercomputers and server rooms. The same, properly cut cores are to power consumer systems NVIDIA GeForce RTX 5000. And it looks like the premiere may be sooner than many people expected.

Chinese sources suggest that graphics card manufacturers such as ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE and others predict the premiere of models GeForce RTX 5090 and RTX 5080 in the fourth quarter of 2024. The reports are also confirmed by people from the industry, such as: “kopite7kimi”which had already provided accurate pre-premiere information.

Of course, even if we see GeForce RTX 5000 at the end of this year, it is probably still far from the final specifications of the new graphics cards. NVIDIA is known for last minute changes and keeping partners in suspense, and sometimes even completely canceling specific models.

Meaning that Currently, there are no details about the new GPUs. And speculations based on the presented NVIDIA Blackwell professional systems do not make much sense. Consumer equivalents are always heavily trimmed due to yield and production cost issues.

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