The Nothing Phone (2) preview, first look at its new design

The Nothing Phone (2), which is scheduled to launch on July 11, was unveiled by youtuber MKBHD. In addition, shots taken with the Phone (2) indicate an improvement in photographic performance.

On July 11, Nothing is preparing to unveil its second smartphone model, the Nothing Phone (2). As usual with this brand, the rumors and teasers are heating up, fueling anticipation. Every detail revealed, every snapshot shared, feeds the conversation and keeps the audience’s attention focused on the brand. A well-oiled strategy which, far from being new, was inherited from the time when the founders of Nothing were part of the OnePlus team.

At the time, OnePlus managed to carve out a slice of the ultra-competitive smartphone market by creating a buzz around its devices before they were launched. Today, Nothing is taking up this torch and seems to have won its bet.

So what are the juicy details we can already muster?

A design that plays the small evolution card

The first major reveal came in the hands of Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD, a famous tech-savvy youtuber. Already recipient of the first Nothing Phone (1), MKBHD offers us a preview of the new design of the Nothing Phone (2).

The Phone (2) retains the smooth and flat appearance, reminiscent of the lines of the iPhone, of the Nothing Phone (1). But several updates are notable, including the change of the rear cover, from black to a more gray tone.

The most drastic change concerns the design of the LEDs on the back. Nothing Phone 1 had 12 of them, arranged in a glyphic pattern. The Nothing Phone (2) has 33, maintaining the same glyph shapebut divided into several small units.

Intelligently integrated LEDs

According to Marques Brownlee, these LEDs can still be programmed through the phone’s software. The company seems to have focused on this feature: 16 of the 33 LEDs are located in a long arc near the top of the phone’s back.

This arc can be programmed to act as a progress bar. For example, if you adjust the volume using the phone’s side buttons, the arc fills and empties accordingly. Similarly, you can set a timer and watch the arc gradually darken.

But the possibilities go beyond that. Other sections of the glyph can stay lit until you process certain notifications, or you can program a sequential light pattern to act as a custom ringtone. However, Nothing does not plan to open this feature to third-party notificationsaccording to Marques Brownlee.

Photographic performance on the rise?

But design isn’t everything. Nothing also shared snaps made with the Nothing Phone (2), posted by from the founders of Nothing, journalists and influencers respecting a specific embargo. These photos show a notable improvement compared to the Nothing Phone (1) with a more contrasting rendering and bright colors.

In short, see you on July 11.

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