Nadciąga nordycki młot dla graczy. Nie, to nie żart

The Nordic hammer for gamers is coming. No, it's not a joke

ASUS announced a new product aimed at gamers. However, it seems so absurd and niche that the producer had to emphasize that it is not a joke.

Nordic mythology has been popular in pop culture for years and is used to create new games, films, series, books and comics. Its influence can also be seen in the world of new technologies. From style, through naming of new equipment, to entire brands – e.g. the Chinese Asgard.

The power station will debut at Computex 2024

Today, however, we will focus on the company ASUSwhich is part of its gaming brand CORNER she announced… hammer for gamers. Yes, it's about the weapon wielded by Thor, god of storm and thunder, Mjolnir.

ASUS ROG Mjolnir it's directed from the players power station, which is equipped with four electrical sockets, two USB Type A and two USB Type C. So that in the field you can power not only computers or laptops, but also monitors and other peripherals. The capacity of the built-in battery remains unknown.

Everything has been seasoned built-in screen showing the charge status and power consumption, as well as a solid and durable housing. The handle of the “gaming hammer” also serves a purpose additional lighting function.

Even though the whole idea sounds crazy, it is ASUS assures that this is not an April Fools' Day joke. We will learn more details in June, during the Taiwanese fair Computex 2024. This is where the power station will be officially presented and its full specifications will be revealed.

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