The next advances in NFC will surprise you

The NFC Forum, bringing together giants such as Apple, Google and Sony, predicts major developments for NFC technology by 2028.

Technology NFC (Near Field Communication) has taken center stage in our daily interactions, from file sharing to contactless payments. Like any constantly evolving technology, such as Wi-Fi, Qi wireless charging, Bluetooth, USB-C… NFC promises many significant advances in the near future.

The NFC Forum, a consortium of tech companies including Apple, Google and Sony, recently released a roadmap to 2028, laying out fascinating prospects for improvement.

More distance

One of the most anticipated improvements is the increased range of NFC communications. Currently, the communication distance between two NFC chips is limited to about five millimeters. However, the NFC Forum is considering a four- to six-fold increase in this range, allowing interaction over a distance of up to 20 to 30 millimeters.

This extension of scope will have significant implications for the general public. Imagine, for example, being able to scan your metro tickets from your smartphone without even having to take it out of your pocket. It would simply be enough to move the pocket containing the smartphone in the direction of the scanner to perform the reading.

For wireless charging

NFC technology is not only used for data communication. It also has applications in wireless charging. Introduced only in 2020, this functionality is planned to be extended to charge devices with a power of 3 wattsinstead of 1 watt currently.

While it can’t compete with the Qi standard, which can charge devices up to 15 watts, NFC technology has a huge advantage: it only needs a small NFC chip instead of a large coil. dump. Eventually, this could make it possible to charge devices such as the Apple AirTag wirelessly.

The smartphone as a payment terminal

Another promising innovation, the NFC Forum is working to allow smartphones equipped with NFC chips to be used as payment terminals. This means that you could not only pay with your phone, but also accept payments. In addition to this improvement, a feature called Multi Purpose Tap is also under study. It would allow several actions to be performed with a single activation, such as the transfer of several tickets at once.

However, it will be necessary to wait before being able to take advantage of these technological advances. While the NFC Forum has already mapped out the roadmap for these innovations, their effective implementation still requires time and research and development efforts.

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