Nowego Xboxa stworzy zupełnie nowy zespół. Wybór zaskakuje

The new Xbox will be created by a completely new team. The choice is surprising

The next generation of Xbox is not created by the team that supervised the work on earlier models. This task was to be entrusted to Surface series engineers.

Interesting information about the new generation of Xbox was provided by Nick ‘Shpeshal Nick’ Baker from the XboxERA podcast. According to his information, Jason Ronald, who supervised the creation of Xbox Series X/S, is not working on the device. This task was entrusted to another team and the choice seems very surprising.

New Xbox from the Surface team

According to Nick Baker, work on the new Xbox was entrusted to the team that has developed Surface series devices. This goes hand in hand with previous rumors that the new console is to be a handheld that will allow you to run games natively and play in the cloud. In such a case, entrusting the work to a team that has more experience with portable devices seems to make sense.

Moreover, Microsoft reportedly intends to abandon cooperation with AMD. The company from Redmond wants to choose another supplier of key components. Apparently the biggest favorite at the moment is Intel, but NVIDIA will certainly also fight for such a large contract.

On the other hand, Sony still wants to cooperate with AMD in this field. The Japanese really want PlayStation 6 to be the most powerful console of the next generation. The company from the Land of the Rising Sun is also working on its own handheld, which is currently called PlayStation Vita 2.

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