Nowy Xbox ma przynieść największy skok technologiczny w historii

The new Xbox is expected to bring the biggest technological leap in history

Xbox has let out steam regarding the new console. This, according to Phil Spencer’s announcement, is to bring the biggest technological leap in the history of the brand.

For several days now, we have been hearing various rumors about the next console in the Xbox series. First, we received information that Microsoft wants to use Intel components to build a new device. Then, nothing came of the letter of intent signed between the companies and ultimately the contract may go back to AMD or NVIDIA.

In general, work on the console is expected to be chaotic and significantly delayed compared to Sony. At one point, it was even considered whether to compete in the next-generation console market at all. Meanwhile, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, presents a completely different narrative.

The new Xbox is supposed to be a powerful console

During the special podcast, Phil Spencer didn’t say much about the new Xbox console. However, one can sense that his words are intended to be some kind of reassurance and a response to the disturbing rumors. According to the head of Xbox, the next generation of equipment is not only being created, but will bring the greatest technological leap in the history of the brand. In addition, the device will offer backward compatibility and cross-play with PCs.

Interestingly, Phil Spencer also said that Microsoft wants to offer hardware that attracts users because of its uniqueness. Some people connected this with rumors that the Redmond company is working on a handheld, i.e. a portable console.

Additionally, the head of Xbox admitted that work is underway to improve the operation of Windows 11 on portable consoles such as ASUS ROG Ally or Lenovo Legion GO. In our reviews of these devices, we have repeatedly emphasized that the operating system, which is not adapted to 7- or 8-inch touch screens, is their biggest disadvantage. This is about to change soon.

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