Nowa aktualizacja Windowsa 10 dużo zmienia. Warto zainstalować

The new Windows 10 update changes a lot. It's worth installing

Microsoft has released optional update KB5035941 for Windows 10 22H2. It's worth installing it because it changes a lot.

Windows 10 has received a new optional update, which has been marked as KB5035941. Not everyone has to install it, but it is worth doing it because it not only introduces a lot of corrections, but also some important changes and new features.

Windows 10 update

In total, the update introduces 23 changes and new features. One of them is the ability to set widgets on the login screen. These may include the weather, calendar or simply the latest sports results. The choice is huge, so everyone should find something for themselves.

The second novelty is the ability to set Windows Spotlight as a wallpaper on the main screen. Until now, they were only available on the login screen, but now they can also be used as regular wallpaper. A small thing, but it introduces some dynamics.

In addition, the KB5035941 update fixes many errors, e.g. sometimes with the on-screen keyboard not turning on or notifications about an available update to Windows 11 when our computer does not meet the requirements (these will no longer be displayed).

If you want to install the update, you must enable Windows Update. It should appear as “Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 10 Version 22H2 on x64-based Systems (KB5035941).”

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