Nowa wersja Windowsa to ogromne ułatwienie dla użytkowników

The new version of Windows is a huge convenience for users

Microsoft is testing a new Windows 11 feature that could make life much easier for system users. It’s about moving files.

The latest version of Windows 11, available in the beta channel, introduces a small but important change to the file transfer system. A small update may be a big help for users, as it will now be included in the full version of Microsoft’s operating system.

A small but important change in Windows 11

Specifically, it is possible to move files between folders more easily by moving them directly to the address bar. Let’s assume that in the “C:UsersUsernameDocuments” folder you have a file that you would like to have directly on the C: drive. In this case, just grab it and drag it to the appropriate place in the address bar in the file explorer. And that’s it.

Such a simple and necessary function has not been available in Windows 11 before. For now, it is being tested in Windows 11 Build 26241but it will probably be released in the full version of the software soon and then we will all be able to move files between folders more easily and quickly.

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