The new MG4 recharges much faster, for the same price as the old one

The MG4 gets better over time. The new vintage of the electric compact evolves on several points. Some new features are anecdotal, others are more interesting, like fast charging. And all this without a price increase.

Crowned with a successful start to its career, the MG4 offered some improvements during its career, without this having a negative impact on the price. In the current context, where the prices of electric cars are increasing regularly, this deserves to be welcomed.

On a technical level, MG announces an improvement in the maximum charging capacity on fast terminal for the MG4 year – model 2023. The versions with 64 kWh battery now accept peaks at 142 kW, against 135 previously. Recharging from 10 to 80%, which previously took 35 minutes, can now be done in 26 minutes. Information from Germany even reports 37 minutes to go from 10 to 80% on the small battery compared to 40 minutes previously.

The 2023 vintage of the Chinese electric compact also gains a “one-pedal” functionality, that is to say driving with one pedal. Thanks to this, the MG4 is now able to slow down on its own to a complete stop in an urban environment, using regenerative braking. The driver therefore does not need to press the brake pedal.

Another important new feature to note: the arrival of a route planner on the Luxury finish, which works with the GPS to suggest charging stops. Available from August, it cannot be installed remotely, as is increasingly the case. A visit to the workshop will therefore be essential to have the update.

End of two-tone MG4s

The list of equipment supplied as standard is further enriched with a third head restraint in the rear, as well as front and rear grab handles. It should also be noted the appearance of a rear wiper, again on the entire range.

The pneumatic mounts gain an inch, to reach 17 inches on the standard finish and 18 inches on the MG4 Luxury, which sees the design of its rims evolve in parallel. This change has a priori no negative impact on autonomy according to the manufacturer, but it should be checked in practice. Finally, this new vintage marks the end of the two-tone MG4s, since the Luxury finish abandons its black roof for a body-colored roof.

In terms of price, the MG4 always starts at 29,990 euros, ecological bonus not deducted. The basic version is content with a 51 kWh battery, which guarantees 350 km of autonomy in the WLTP combined cycle. The Comfort and Luxury, they carry a 64 kWh battery. They are credited with a range of 450 and 435 km respectively.

Note that all these new features will only be present on MG4s ordered from June 21, and delivered from July 2023. The MG4s already delivered will unfortunately not benefit from all these new features.

Sharpen your weapons to better face the competition

These improvements are made when the MG4 sees the arrival of a new major competitor: the BYD Dolphin. Chinese like her, she is displayed at even more attractive prices. In some time, the MG4 will continue the counter-offensive with two new versions: a Grande Autonomie and an X-Power of more than 400 hp. Even if the official presentation has not yet taken place, the technical sheet of these novelties is already known.

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