Klawiatura mechaniczna nowej generacji trafia do sprzedaży

The new generation mechanical keyboard goes on sale

Cherry continues its offensive on the mechanical keyboard market. This time, a compact model with RGB LED aimed at gamers is available for sale.

Membrane keyboards are basically a thing of the past and can be found mainly in office computers and cheaper laptops. Their place was taken by mechanical solutions, which offer greater durability and the ability to adjust to the user’s preferences – pressure force, activation height, etc.

Cherry XTRFY K5V2 was valued at PLN 599

Just a few years ago, in the case of a good “mechanic”, there was only one choice – switches Cherry MX. But with the growing popularity, the industry began to develop, and now there are a lot of great switches from various companies on the market. So Cherry got down to work and showed off the new generation of switches, MX2A.

Cherry XTRFY K5V2 this was announced some time ago by wired 65% type mechanical keyboard. It has dimensions of 360 x 172 x 44 millimeters and weighs 841 grams. We’re dealing with switches here Cherry MX2A Red with a service life of up to 100 million clicks, ABS covers and double soundproofing foam.

The new generation mechanical keyboard goes on sale

The new switches have had their geometry changed from cylindrical to barrel-shaped, and are already factory lubricated. Means much better work culture, smoother pressing and different sound characteristics. Of course, RGB LED backlighting could not be missing here.

The new generation mechanical keyboard goes on sale

The Cherry XTRFY K5V2 keyboard is now available for sale in three versions – black, transparent and white and Amnis Blue (only in Asia). The prices were set at 139, 149 and 159 euros, i.e approximately PLN 599, 645 and 685.

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