The new electric Renault 5 is already on the road

If you keep your eyes open, you might be lucky enough to see a prototype of the new electric R5.

Although it was reviewed in depth a short time ago, the Clio is still not offered in electric. It is therefore up to the future Renault 5 to come and challenge the supremacy of the Peugeot e-208 on the electric city car market. This model, whose lines were prefigured by a concept in 2021, is entering the final phase of its development. For the first time, prototypes with the definitive bodywork could be photographed. Many unofficial photos have thus appeared on the web.

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Renault group boss Luca de Meo recently took the wheel of the car. In a Linkedin post accompanied by two photos, he unsurprisingly expressed his enthusiasm, mentioning in particular a “excellent maneuverability” and one “powerful torque characteristic of electric cars”. The leader also speaks of a cabin of “real car to live” but unfortunately gives no image to support his point!

Renault reinvents car camouflage

At the same time, Renault published new official photos of the electric R5 in a press release. If the astonishing black camouflage conceals the aesthetic details rather well, the colored lines give interesting indications on the volumes of the bodywork.

Overall, the design of the final version seems very faithful to that of the concept. The rear lights are still vertical and linked together by a band, the fenders retain their prominent appearance and the bonnet still has its small air intake on the driver’s side. The overhangs are still as short, which contributes to giving a dynamic aspect to the silhouette. The front door handles, which were flush on the prototype, become more classic here, while those of the rear doors are concealed in the pillar.

The Renault Technocentre put to work

The final electric Renault 5 will be assembled at the Douai plant. The camouflaged copies that have recently been on the road come from a small factory at Renault’s Technocentre, in the Paris region. They take over from the Clio-bodied R5 mules seen several months ago in Lapland.

The technical sheet of the new R5 remains to be known. According to the latest information, Renault plans to offer a 42 kWh battery and another 52 kWh. Autonomy would peak at around 420 km for the 52 kWh model. As for the engine, customers would have the choice between two power levels, 125 and 150 hp.

If we are to believe the information circulating here and there, the electric Renault 5 will be particularly well placed in terms of prices, with an entry ticket at around 25,000 euros. Marketing is expected to begin in the fall of 2024.

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