Nowość BLIK już jest. Pierwszy bank w Polsce właśnie wprowadził

The new BLIK is already available. The first bank in Poland has just introduced

VeloBank successfully tested the BLIK Pay Later service and was the first bank in Poland to fully make it available to customers. At first, it will be available only on the VeloMarket platform, but it will soon be introduced for the entire e-commerce market and in other banks.

VeloBank implemented the system BLIK Pay Later payments provided by Polski Standard Płatności (PSP). This is a new solution that extends BLIK payments. The bank’s customers will be able to make purchases using the code, but in an increasingly popular formula “Buy now, pay later.”

VeloBank customers will be the first to use the BLIK Pay Later option on the platform VeloMarket. In the coming months, Polski Standard Płatności intends to make the service available for the entire e-commerce market. Bank Millennium also ran a pilot of the service in September 2022. The solution was also to be introduced by the end of 2023 in several other banksbut so far this has not happened.

Buy now, pay within 30 days

The new solution allows users to instant transaction with the option of deferring payments via the VeloBank mobile application.

The BLIK Pay Later service allows you to postpone payment online shopping by up to 30 days. A VeloBank customer may benefit – after concluding a revolving loan agreement with the PSP – from an individual limit resulting from the creditworthiness assessment carried out by the PSP. The maximum level of this limit is PLN 4,000.

VeloMarket is a purchasing platform VeloBank with PLN 300,000 products. There is a wide selection of products supporting a healthy lifestyle (food, cosmetics, sports goods), as well as products from the home and garden, electronics and toys categories.

BLIK Pay Later is not the only service based on the latest technologies recently made available to VeloBank customers. In August 2023, the bank made it available to customers new version of the mobile applicationextended with a method Pay By Velo payments, which eliminates an important inconvenience of using pay-by-link payments when shopping online, i.e. manually logging in to online banking on mobile devices. The solution allows you to pay for purchases with literally one click in the application.

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