Nowe procesory AMD obsłużą do 4 TB pamięci RAM

The new AMD processors will support up to 4 TB of RAM

AMD is preparing for an offensive on the processor market. Their new server systems will bring a number of changes that should translate into a significant jump in performance.

AMD is working hard on new products that would allow it to compete with Intel and NVIDIA. Therefore, the next generations of consumer and professional processors and graphics cards are on their way. Thanks to new architectures, they are expected to offer us a significant leap in performance.

AMD EPYC 9000 processors will have a TDP of up to 400 W

It is no secret that we will receive processors this year AMD EPYC 9000 (also called AMD Turin), aimed at servers. Despite the use of architecture AMD Zen5they are still intended to fit older socket motherboards AMD SP5which supported AMD Zen4-based CPUs.

The published partial specification of one of the platforms reveals that AMD EPYC 9000 will support up to 4 TB of DDR5-6000 RAM. This is a significant leap in performance compared to previous generations, whose capabilities limited to 4800 MT/s or even 3600 MT/s modules when all slots on the board were occupied.

The new AMD processors will support up to 4 TB of RAM

Looking at the rest of the parameters, we can assume that it is a family AMD Turin will offer models with TDP up to 400 W. It also draws attention as many as 120 PCI Express 5.0 lines. While gaming, Zen4-based CPUs offered “only” 96 PCIe 5.0 lanes. Of course, as with all leaks, this should be approached with some caution.

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