the new 50 and 125 cc electric scooter with a BMX look

The new two-wheeler from BMW Motorrad is halfway between a scooter and a motorcycle, thanks to its divisive design and its unique appearance. It is offered in both 50 and 125 cc versions for a base price of 7,750 euros, which is slightly more affordable than that of its big brother (BMW CE 04), while remaining top of the range.

BMW is not only a recognized brand in the world of autonomy, but also in that of two-wheelers, whether thermal motorcycles or electric scooters. After launching the C-Evolution, the brand worked on a futuristic model with a unique design, the BMW CE 04. Building on its success, the Bavarian manufacturer is back with a smaller and above all more affordable model, the CE 02 This is offered in two versions, 50 and 125 cc, to allow as many people as possible to enjoy it.

A divisive design

The designers of the brand had already let loose with the CE 04, in particular by giving it particular proportions and a very modern appearance, sharp with most other electric two-wheelers. The seat of the big brother is also low, which gives it the false air of Harley-Davidson of modern times.

It must be believed that these unusual lines appeal to the market, since BMW Motorrad has gone even further with the CE 02. Indeed, it seems to be a hybrid between a scooter and a motorcycle, while having a very particular style that is reminiscent of heard that of his big brother. These similarities can be observed in particular at the level of the saddle, with its height of only 750 mm and its thin and slender appearance which does not cover the rear wheel. The 14-inch wheels are black and solid, like those of the CE 04. There is also a transmission belt as well as LED optics on all models.

The main quirk is the footpegs, which protrude from the scooter, for both the driver and passenger. The first can also use those at the back when he is alone for a more dynamic position. The screen at the front is rectangular and integrates with the front headlights of the same shape.

The dimensions are quite original, since the CE 02 is 1.97m long, 84.5cm (without mirrors) and 1.14m high (with handlebars). This is still sufficient to accommodate two adults, even if the passenger will only have one end of the saddle to put his buttocks on, it does not extend above the rear wheel.

BMW is clearly targeting a young clientele, looking for a sporty and dynamic model with an assertive look. The BMW CE 02 is also offered only in black in its basic version, with some gray elements, although the saddle is also black The optional Highline pack allows you to add a little personalization, with in particular a golden fork , a black/white/blue tricolor saddle and blue inserts on the scooter.

The brand seems to have overlooked a few practical aspects, in particular because it does not mention storage space under the saddle. However, we will be able to confirm this point during our test.

Two Versions

For once, BMW is offering its new two-wheeler in two versions: 4 kW, equivalent to 50 cc, limited to 45 km/h and accessible without a motorcycle licence, and an 11 kW version, equivalent to 125 cc, which can reach 95 km/h. The first weighs 119 kg while the second is overweight and reaches 132 kg, which is still seven kg more than a Silence S01+.

Both offer two riding modes as standard, namely ‘flow’ and ‘surf’. The first being more suited to an urban environment, while the second allows sharper acceleration and more dynamic driving. The 11 kW (125 cc) version comes standard with two removable 48 V / 1.96 kWh batteries. The 4 kW (50 cc) version only needs one battery. Both versions come with a standard 900W home charger. This can recharge the batteries in approximately 312 minutes, but it is not specified whether it will be possible to recharge the batteries at home when they are withdrawn.

As an option, a 1.5 kW charger reduces the charging time. It varies between 85 to 168 minutes depending on the version as can be seen in the table below.

High-end equipment

BMW obliges, the CE 02 is a top-of-the-range scooter that wants to be well endowed, starting with the technical part. Indeed, it offers as standard a tubular steel frame and suspensions and shock absorbers with springs and adjustable, as well as disc brakes.

Its safety equipment is also neat, with standard electronic stability control (Automatic Stability Control and Recovery Stability Control), preventing you from slipping on wet roads and keeping the two-wheeler stable in all circumstances. ABS is also included, although it is only available on the front wheel. Reverse gear, also standard, makes parking maneuvers easier. The joysticks are also adjustable, maximizing driver comfort.

From a technological point of view, BMW Motorrad has gone all out, with a 3.5-inch TFT screen, which can be controlled using the controls on the handle. This can not only display driving information and status of the scooter, but also navigation. To do this, you must connect your smartphone and place it in the dedicated slot, as on the CE 04. A USB-C port is also present as standard, to facilitate charging your smartphone.

In terms of connectivity, the BMW Motorrad app connects to the two-wheeler via Bluetooth to display information about the scooter. The brand also offers an optional 4G connection, convenient for viewing the status of the scooter remotely and knowing its charge level and location.

Finally, the hands-free key is offered as standard, which simplifies access to and starting of the CE 02. We therefore find fairly complete equipment.

In terms of performance, the 0 to 50 km/h is shot down in 3 seconds for the 11 kW version and the speed limited to 95 km/h. Autonomy is announced at 90 km on the 125 cc version (on the WMTC cycle) against 45 km on the 50 cc version. Regenerative braking is of course part of it.

An affordable price and a few options

Unlike the CE 04, the newcomer is offered at a more affordable price, namely 7,750 euros for the 50 cc version and 8,750 euros for the equivalent 125 cc model. It is certainly far from being given, but we remain quite far from the symbolic bar of 10,000 euros that the CE 04 exceeded by far.

The CE 02 wouldn’t be a German scooter if it didn’t have its share of options. Fortunately, BMW Motorrad has simplified things by offering a single option pack, namely the Highline finish, billed at 890 euros. This includes in particular a “Flash” driving mode, heated grips and a 1.5kW fast charger (available only on the 11kW version), reducing the charging time to 210 minutes. The pack also includes 4G connectivity, a smartphone holder, but also and above all a tricolor pro saddle and the famous golden fork mentioned above.

The availability of the CE 02 is announced for the first half of 2024, without further details at this time. We will not fail to try the scooter to let you know our impressions as soon as it is released.

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