The neobank Bunq boosts its interest and cashback rates to attract the most nomadic customers

Bunq intends to walk on the toes of competing neobanks and announces for its customers an increase in its interest and cashback rates in addition to posting insolent growth.

With 9 million users in Europe and no less than 4.5 billion euros in deposits, many banking establishments would like to display financial health as radiant as Bunq by easily reaching the break-even point that many are still looking for. isn’t it Orange Bank? The neobank of Dutch origin is today highlighting its strike force on a European scale in addition to announcing some new features and advantages for its most mobile customers.

Increase in cashback rates

THE cash back is one of the consumer habits that is gaining more and more momentum in Europe and Bunq knows it well. The neobank therefore announces an increase in income rates linked to cashback with its offers (at least with the Easy Money offer).

This increase will be 1% discount on food and drinks to all individuals who have subscribed to the Easy Money or Easy Green offers (the offers most used by digital nomads) and up to 2% discount on public transport. common to all individuals who have subscribed to the Easy Green offer. In this way, Bunq hopes to consolidate its lead on cashback offers in Europe and attract customers who are used to traveling to Europe.

Higher interest rates on currencies

For its customers traveling or officiating outside Europe, Bunq has also provided advantages and this concerns savings in several currencies. From now on, savings customers will be able to receive an interest rate of 3.17% on US dollars and 3.04% on pounds sterling. For professionals with a Bunq Business account, these rates will be 1.35% and 1.30% respectively. Here again, Bunq intends to bet on a travel or expatriate clientele allowing them to make their money grow from abroad.

Bunq also relies on its commitment to assessing the carbon footprint of its customers. The bank is announcing, in partnership with the Veritree platform, a way to help its users track the carbon footprint of their purchases and limit it as best as possible. Also, the neobank wants to display its commitment to environmental protection with the promise of planting at least 5 million trees each year.

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