The Mercusys ME60X boosts the Wi-Fi 6 signal and costs pennies

The Mercusys ME60X boosts the Wi-Fi 6 signal and costs pennies

TP-Link introduces another signal amplifier of its budget Mercusys brand to Poland. The Mercusys ME60X model costs little and is able to improve Wi-Fi reception in a large apartment or single-family house.

The Mercusys brand, owned by TP-Link, introduces another device to the Polish market that can improve the quality of the wireless network signal – the Mercusys ME60X.

Mercusys ME60X will work with any EasyMesh router

The new Mercusys ME60X works as standard Wi-Fi 6 and offers speeds of up to 1201 Mbps in the 5 GHz band and up to 300 Mb/s in the 2.4 GHz band. The range is enhanced by two external, adjustable, high-gain supported antennas by Beamforming technologywhich directs the Wi-Fi signal towards client devices.

Thanks EasyMesh compatibility Mercusys ME60X allows you to create a home Mesh network with any router supporting this standard, regardless of the manufacturer.

Devices without Wi-Fi, such as older smart TVs, consoles or desktop computers, can be connected to the built-in amplifier. gigabit port. ME60X can also work as Access Point Wi-Fi 6. The amplifier offers the latest standard WPA3 encryption.

The built-in signal strength indicator will allow you to easily find the optimal place for the amplifier. The device can be configured in three ways: via WPS mechanismmobile application or classic browser interface.

Using mobile MERCUSYS application the user can also monitor the amplifier’s status, control its functions and change its settings.

Mercusys ME60X comes with a three-year warranty and is priced at: approximately PLN 180.

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