Mapa w GTA 6 ma być przeogromna

The map in GTA 6 is supposed to be huge

Fans attempted to reproduce the map from GTA 6. Their analysis shows that it may be more than twice as large as in the previous installment of the series.

We don't know much about GTA 6. Rockstar Games released only one trailer, in which we saw the two main characters of the game – Jason and Lucia. Despite this, based on available information, fans decided to map a new Vice City map. The analysis indicates the huge size of the location.

Map in GTA 6

Fans used the information available so far and measured distances using the Rage engine. The analysis indicates that the map in GTA 6 could be 125 square kilometers, which would make it 2.55 times larger than in GTA 5. Such a large location promises a lot of different activities, some of which may be added in future updates.

Map in GTA 6

Unfortunately, we still don't know when GTA 6 will hit our consoles. Although rumors suggested a possible delay in the release, Rockstar Games maintains that the release is still planned for 2025. When exactly? We don't know, but personally I would expect the second half of next year, or maybe even the very end.

GTA 6 is being developed for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. The PC version has not been announced yet, but – knowing Rockstar Games – it will be released with at least a year's delay compared to consoles.

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