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Netflix has decided to pack in August to expand its catalog. All this in addition to the arrival of the long-awaited and dreaded One Piece live series which arrives (that’s the word) today.

If you pay any attention to the news of series on SVOD platforms, you know that the series live-action adapting One Piece arrived today. Let’s beware of all comments before having taken a look at the piece (do you have it?), but it must be said that the wait is as great as it is feverish. Just in case, Netflix has also planned a large list of content including films, series and documentaries during the month of August, no doubt to bail out the (more than) probable disappointment.

Series releases on Netflix in August 2023

One Piece (season 1)

Inevitably, even if the series arrives at the end of July, it will probably be the attraction of August at Netflix: the series live-action of One Piece. If the project already has everything to make fans of the legendary manga doubt, the fact remains that Netflix has put the means to achieve a result that we hope will be at least close to the original work of Eiichirō Oda.

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Mask Girl (season 1)

Netflix continues to bet on Korean dramas of all genres and is trying this time at Thriller with mask girl. The pitch? An office worker who is uncomfortable with her appearance becomes a masked internet personality overnight, until a chain reaction of unfortunate events takes over her life.

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Must-see movies on Netflix in August 2023


WhileOppenheimerthe latest film from Christopher Nolan is currently at the cinema, Netflix had the good idea to highlight its penultimate feature film which is none other than tenet. The film tells the story of a man determined to fight to save the world by criss-crossing the twilight universe of international espionage. Like a certain Inception or one InterstellarNolan takes up the theme of time and travels in dimensions.

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Basic Instinct

Netflix is ​​putting a classic back in the spotlight this August and it is none other than Basic Instinct. The film tells the story of a San Francisco police inspector investigating the murder of a rock star by an unknown woman.

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Life in a Year

A little more lightness for the last film of this selection with Life in a Year. The film tells the story of Daryn, a high school athlete and aspiring rapper who learns that his girlfriend is sick. He then plans to make him live as much as possible during his last year and what he will receive in return will last him all the rest of his.

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What’s new on Netflix in August 2023

  • July 31 :
  • 1st of August :
    • Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
    • Memory Lane
    • Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
    • Troy
    • Mission Impossible: Fallout
    • Midnight Express
    • what men want
    • Thanks to God
    • Summer 85
    • Frantz
    • Young & Pretty
    • In the House
    • Galore
    • The other side of sports (volume 3)
  • August 2nd :
    • Operation: Soulcatcher
    • Poison on the menu
    • Mark Cavendish: Never Give Up
  • August 3:
    • one on one
    • Zom 100: the list of the dead
    • The Lincoln Defense (season 2 part 2)
    • Choona: You will pay us (season 1)
    • The Last Hours of Mario Biondo
    • The bloody run of Veerappan (season 1)
    • It’s a piece of cake USA: the big challenge
  • August 4:
    • Fatal Seduction (season 1)
  • August 7:
    • At Miami
    • We were almost friends
    • Gabby and the magic house (season 8)
  • August 8:
    • The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh (part 2)
  • August 9:
    • Ladies First: The Women of American Hip-Pop
  • August 10:
    • Marry my dead body
    • Painkiller
    • Mech Academy: The Cadets (season 1)
  • August 11:
    • Agent Stone
    • Love on its 21
  • August 15th :
    • Daredevil
    • Yummy Island: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
    • Hellboy
    • Basic Instinct
    • Job Heads
    • Eye of the Storm
    • Made in Italy
    • The Tiger and the Child
  • August 16:
    • Baby Boss
    • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
    • Don’t Breathe 2
    • The Chosen One – season 1
    • Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard
    • Welcome to the Furys
  • August 17:
    • The Upshaw Family (season 4)
    • Dad is an alien hunter (season 2)
  • August 18:
    • The Monkey King
    • Ten Days on the Side of Evil – Sequel to Ten Days on the Side of Good
    • mask girl (season 1)
    • Gunns & Gulaabs (season 1)
  • 21st of August :
    • The Botswanga Crocodile
    • My in-laws, Christmas and me
  • August 22:
  • August 23:
    • Life in a Year
    • Almighty love
    • Hinny
    • The Devil Judge (season 1)
    • Ultimatum: USA (season 2)
  • August 24:
    • Ragnarok (season 3 finale)
    • Baki Hanma (season 2 part 2)
    • ComedyChaos (season 1)
  • August 25:
    • You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah!
  • August 27:
  • August 28:
    • Princess Power (season 2)

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