Morderczy Thermomix. Rozprawmy się z głupotą

The killer Thermomix. Let’s deal with stupidity

A video of Thermomix radiation measurements is circulating on the Internet. The author claims that the device attacks users with short signals. However, this is absolute nonsense.

One of the German users decided to use the radiation of a device from the Thermomix series. At first glance it may seem that the indications are high, but you only need to look closely to realize that this is nonsense. Food processor owners have no reason to worry.

Thermomix attacks with radiation? NO!

A popular device called Safe and Sound Pro II was used for measurements. It is used to measure EMF, i.e. electromagnetic field. The video actually shows that the needle shows increased radiation from time to time. The point is that the scale at which the measurements were made is key here.

The device measures in microwatts (μW), which means that each unit corresponds to 0.000001 W per square meter. Thus, the result is PLN 705,000. it’s actually just 0.705 W per square meter. However, the permissible EMF standards in Poland are as much as 10 W per square meter, which is over 14 times more. Therefore, the Thermomix result is far from levels that could be in any way disturbing for users of this device.

In addition, it should also be mentioned that the Safe and Sound Pro II device, although popular among conspiracy theory enthusiasts, is not suitable for this type of measurement. This is amateur equipment. Even the Institute of Communications – National Research Institute proved that it is of no use.

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