Japończykom się udało. Księżycowy lądownik wrócił do żywych

The Japanese succeeded. The lunar lander has returned to life

The Japanese SLIM lunar lander has returned to life. The Japanese managed to launch it, thanks to which the mission will be accomplished.

The Japanese Space Exploration Agency sent its own lander to the Moon, called SLIM (Smart Lander for Investigating Moon). Unfortunately, this one crashed during landing and that didn’t go as planned. Fortunately, the Japanese managed to get out of it.

The Japanese lander came back to life

SLIM landed in such a way that its solar panels were unable to collect energy from the Sun. Therefore, the engineers decided to turn it off and wait for more favorable conditions. These took place on Sunday (January 28) in the evening.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency announced that contact with the machine had been regained. Sunlight fell on the lander’s battery, thanks to which it came to life and could carry out its mission, i.e. exploring the surface of the Earth’s natural satellite.

SLIM landed on the edge of the equatorial Shioli crater, 55 meters from the target site. This is only the 5th successful lunar landing mission. Only the USA, the Soviet Union, China and India can boast of success. Now Japan has joined them. It’s true that it has some minor perturbations, but still.

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