The iPhone 15 Ultra reappears ultra late

A new rumor is emerging a few weeks before the expected presentation of the iPhone 15. What would logically be the iPhone 15 Pro Max would be renamed iPhone 15 Ultra. A name change that Apple could come back to at the last moment.

This September 12 or 13, 2023 should take place the next keynote from Apple and not just any: it would be that of the announcement of the iPhone 15. Some rumors contradict each other about what the iPhone 15 Pro Max would be : it would be renamed to iPhone 15 Ultra. It is in any case in this direction that a new leak goes.

An iPhone 15 Ultra for this year

The first to mention the iPhone 15 Ultra was Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, which in September 2022 was talking about this name change. A strategy to align with Samsung and its Galaxy S23 Ultra or Xiaomi and its 13 Ultra. Subsequently, other analysts and leaker went his way.

Incidentally, Apple has already introduced the Ultra designation within its offer… of connected watches. The Apple Watch Ultra was meant to stand out from the rest with high-end specs. Maybe Apple wants to do it again for its iPhone lineup this time around.

This time it’s Andrew O’Hara, journalist forApple Insider, which reveals a new leak in a publication on X, the new name for Twitter. According to its information from several sources, the most high-end iPhone 15 would be called ” iPhone 15 Ultra at a probability of 80%.

It also indicates that it would be the iPhone with the largest screen that has ever existed on a model of the brand. It would have a 10x telephoto lens, titanium edges, an action button in place of the bell button and “probably the new 3nm etched A17 Bionic chip.Andrew O’Hara’s leaks do not seem to be the most reliable, however: he himself acknowledges that the telephoto lens of the smartphone in question could offer x6 magnification.

Apple may change the name of its best iPhone at the last moment

There is no guarantee that the iPhone 15 Ultra will be called iPhone 15 Ultra. Throughout the development of a product, Apple (and all other manufacturers) use a code name, which may change during development. This name is not always the one under which the product in question will be marketed.

As remindedMacRumorswho notably reported this leak, it was thought that the AirPods Max would be called AirPods Studio or that visionOS would be called xrOS. Apple still has room to change the name of its next smartphone, just to deceive the leaks while making people talk about it.

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