The iPhone 15 Pro should indeed be inspired… by the Apple Watch Ultra

After months of persistent rumors, the track of an iPhone 15 Pro equipped with a new titanium frame is confirmed a little more. This choice of material would allow the device to be a little lighter in hand.

The information is far from new, but it is confirmed more and more: the iPhone 15 Pro would be well equipped with a titanium frame. If the rumor has been going around for months, it’s this week the turn of the American media CNBC to take it back.

This “new” material, already used by Apple, in particular on the Apple Watch Ultra, would therefore replace the stainless steel used until now. The goal? Gaining lightness without compromising the rigidity of the frame… and therefore the solidity of the iPhone and its structure. The iPhone 15 and 15 Pro could thus be a little lighter in hand, while remaining as solid as their predecessors.

USB-C: Apple would have been forced to bow to the EU

CNBC evokes for the rest the almost completed transition of the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro to USB-C connectivity. This change, more than expected, would be a major development at Apple. The firm has indeed been using its Lightning connector since 2012 on its various iPhones, and has a colossal fleet of devices equipped with this proprietary socket. Its abandonment in favor of USB-C, on the new iPhones but also on a growing number of Apple accessories and devices, including the iPads, would in any case have been mainly motivated by the new rules voted by the Commission European.

These require that, from 2024, mobile devices (mainly smartphones and tablets) marketed in the EU can be recharged using USB-C connectors with a view, in particular, to making life easier consumers while reducing the generation of electronic waste. A rule to which Apple will have to comply. ” It is obvious that we will have to comply“, had also commented Greg Joswiak, head of marketing at Apple, in the context of an interview granted in October to thewall street journal.

Note that these changes would however have a price, as often with Apple. The iPhone 15 Pro would thus see its price increase by around a hundred euros, against approximately 200 euros more for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. As for the presentation of these new iPhones, it would take place according to the latest rumors on September 13th.

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