The iPhone 15 Pro and the titanium bet: a first verdict

Apple made a gamble with its iPhone 15 Pro. The company touted the benefits of a titanium alloy, which is said to provide superior durability performance. But what is it really?

When it comes to testing the durability of smartphones, famous YouTuber JerryRigEverything is a benchmark. After 11 years of experience in the field, he recently tackled the iPhone 15 Pro.

The ceramic screen: the promise kept

The screen performs remarkably well. Thanks to Apple’s exclusive ceramic protection, the screen effectively resists scratches. The American company claimed that its glass was the strongest on the market, and it seems that this claim is true. The lenses on the back are also well protected and benefit from a nanoscale coating to reduce glare.

Titanium alloy and PVD coating: a questionable choice

One of the most touted aspects of Apple is the use of titanium alloy. On the edge of the phone, the titanium is covered with a thin protective layer obtained by a process called PVD (physical vapor deposition). However, according to JerryRigEverything, this finish is very susceptible to scratches. To quote his own words: “ It took Apple 14 hours to apply this finish, and it took me 14 seconds to scratch it “.

Moving on to the titanium alloy on the back. First observation: the choice of titanium does not extend to the entire case. The frame is actually made from aluminum alloy, a cheaper alternative. It is the rear shell in grade 5 Titanium, with a glass coating, which attracts attention for its high cost, but also its lightness.

So, does the iPhone 15 Pro live up to its promises? The results are mixed. The iPhone 15 Pro Max bent quite quickly during testing, even causing the glass to crack. Another observation: the PVD coating on the sides is also removed quite easily.

That said, the standard iPhone 15 Pro seems to hold up better under strain, hinting that the Max model might have specific issues related to its size or design.

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