The iPhone 15 is not 100% eSIM in France: these 8 operators were not ready

The iPhone 15 will therefore not be the one that will initiate the end of the SIM card in France. Despite rumors, it will indeed have slots to accommodate two SIM cards. If you ever wanted to take the opportunity to switch to eSIM, here is the list of operators who do not yet offer it in their offers. It’s good to know.

The iPhone 15s have just been announced by Apple during its annual keynote. However, just before the conference, it was rumored that these new models could be distributed in France without a SIM card slot. This will ultimately not be the case since all models (iPhone 15, iPhone iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max) are equipped with a dual SIM slot, at least on the French market.

It is therefore a reprieve for operators in France who will still be able to distribute SIM cards in the medium term before manufacturers, notably Apple, decide to put an end to it and focus 100% on eSIM. As a reminder, on the American market, the iPhone 14 had already abandoned the SIM card slot and this is still the case for the iPhone 15 across the Atlantic.

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eSIM: what is it and which smartphones are compatible?

If in France, all the historic mobile operators (Orange, SFR, Bouygues Télécom and Free) as well as their low cost versions (Sosh, RED by SFR, B&You) offer the possibility of ordering an eSIM with their packages, this is not not yet the case for most MVNOs (virtual operators) present on the French market.

Which operators are not eSIM compatible?

Here is the list of operators that do not yet offer an eSIM option in their mobile plans.

  • Cdiscount Mobile
  • Réglo Mobile
  • The Mobile Post
  • Lebara
  • NRJ Mobile
  • Auchan Telecom
  • Syma Mobile
  • Mobile Source

In France, the only virtual operators offering eSIM are Youprice, Prixtel and Coriolis.

For Youprice, this is currently the case for packages subscribed to on the Orange network. If you want to migrate from a classic SIM card to an eSIM – or even from an eSIM to eSIM – it will cost you 10 euros, as will in the event of a lost or stolen mobile. Also note that the eSIMs issued by Youprice are also compatible with wearables such as connected watches, like the Apple Watch 9.

For the other two, it’s a little more restricted. Prixtel and Coriolis do indeed offer eSIM, but only by transferring an already existing number. If you are already a customer, the migration to the eSIM is done directly via the customer area with the same rates as for Youprice.

Finally, note that for an eSIM transfer between iPhone, it is possible to do it without any cost.

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