Gamesir Nova Lite efekte Halla - najniższa cena, promocja

The iconic GameSir Nova Lite pad is available for PLN 69

Drifting analogs are a constant problem for that part of humanity that plays games with pads. The solution is Hall effect sticks – now, to get a pad with them, you only need PLN 69 instead of several hundred.

GameSir Nova Lite is based on the layout and shape of the Xbox gamepad

I don't want to start another unnecessary war about the superiority of PlayStation or Xbox pads, let's just assume that that this arrangement and shape has its fans. The most important things are here though Hall effect sticks that never drift, so they do not move in any direction and do not cause spontaneous movement of our character in the game. That's what they have service life of up to 5 million cyclesso you'll sooner step on the pad than wear out the bars in it.

Gamesir Nova Lite - hall effect sticks

It also did not take away analog triggers, charging via USB-C, Bluetooth connectivity, as well as an additional delay-free connection via the included USB key. The pad has customizable XABY buttons – just shortcut it and you have a layout tailored to the currently used platform. In turn, roomy 600 mAh battery provides many hours of uninterrupted play, even when using vibration motors that increase the immersion of the game.

Gamesir Nova Lite with transmitter

A pad for everything

When it comes to compatibility, we have platforms to choose from PC, Steam, Android, iOS and Switch, and the ability to connect via cable is a guarantee of lag-free gaming in even the most dynamic titles. To get such a set of functions, I invested over PLN 200 in 8BitDo Ultimate, but as it turns out, you can get it now for PLN 69.

Gamesir Nova Lite in a great promotion

The price has just fallen reduced on AliExpress from PLN 99 to PLN 69, and with additional coins you can even get close to PLN 60. What's more, shipping to Poland is free. Our editorial colleague Damian is already waiting for his copy and yes, we are planning a review. In the meantime, grab the link while the promotion is still available:

Check out the current promotion for the GameSir Nova Lite pad (this is not an affiliate link)

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