Polowanie na warszawiaków trwa. Uważaj, czyszczą konta

The hunt for Warsaw residents continues. Be careful, they clean your accounts

More and more advertisements targeted at customers of specific companies appear on social media. This time, cybercriminals are hunting Warsaw residents using public transport.

The Internet is full of scammers because the online environment favors them. Most often, there are all kinds of scams advertised on social media, less often in search engines. Internet users’ attention is thus lulled into thinking that if Facebook has approved an ad, it has certainly been checked. The reality shows that it is completely different.

Scammers promise free travel on Warsaw trams

The elections are approaching, so both trams and all public transport are becoming more and more popular among politicians. Fraudsters decided to take advantage of this trend and they spread false advertisements on the Internet. Most often, we can find them on the Facebook social media platform. When clicked, they take Internet users to dangerous sites.

CSIRT KNF informs about the current phishing campaign. Cybercriminals they impersonate Warsaw Public Transport. The capital city’s company allegedly provides free travel on public transport for people with the Warsaw City Card. This is obviously untrue, but this isn’t the first time scammers have used this tactic, so it’s clearly effective.

In fact, once Internet users click on the ad, they stick around redirected to a fake website. There is a form collecting both personal data and payment card details. Entering the advertised website itself does not pose a threat, but under no circumstances should you enter your data there.

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