Polowanie na klientów PKO BP trwa. Uważaj, czyszczą konta

The hunt for PKO BP customers continues. Be careful, they clean your accounts

Do you see an investment proposal in PKO BP that tempts you with easy earnings? Be careful. It's too good to be true.

Criminals have a new way to rob Poles. You could lose your life savings. This time, the fraudsters impersonate a respected institution: PKO Bank Polski.

Fake PKO BP ads on Facebook

On Facebook, you can come across an advertisement for PKO BP investments, addressed to the bank's customers. The entry informs that every bank customer can increase your wealth by up to 28%. within a month. In times when banks offer deposits of 1-2 percent. on an annual basis, the opportunity to earn PLN 280 in a month for every thousand invested sounds like an opportunity that should not be missed. Especially since the advertising banner informs that places are running out.

This fabulous offer is, of course, not true, as the cybersecurity unit at the Polish Financial Supervision Authority warns.

Clicking the banner on Facebook will not redirect the victim to the PKO BP bank website. Instead, the clicker will end up on a website prepared by fraudsters to obtain contact details.

In the next step, people involved in the fraud will contact victims and persuade them to invest in non-existent resources. Of course, there will be no return on investment – the money will be lost and irrecoverable.

We advise you to be especially careful if you come across this or similar advertising. Criminals use the images of various financial institutions and enterprises, for example KGHM Polska Miedź. If you come across such an ad on Facebook, report it as a scam. If in doubt, you can also confirm its authenticity by contacting the bank.

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