the huge leak of the game would have been committed with … an Amazon Fire Stick

Nearly 90 GTA 6 videos leaked from Rockstar’s servers last year. The hacker would have committed his acts from a simple Amazon Fire Stick connected to a television.

Last September, Rockstar suffered what is to date the biggest leak in video game history. More than 90 videos of a pre-release version of the highly anticipated GTA 6 were made public on the official GTA forums and then on the rest of the internet. The scope of the case was such that Rockstar, usually miserly in communication, had to confirm both the leak and the ongoing development of the game.

The culprit, an 18-year-old hacker named Arion Kurtaj, is currently under the aegis of British justice and documents from the London court in charge of the case reveal that he allegedly committed his misdeeds from a hotel room. with… an Amazon Fire Stick.

An Amazon Fire Stick as a hacking tool

While being held on bail in a London hotel for other hacking charges, this time against Nvidia, the young hacker was reportedly caught by the police with his hands in the bag. Equipped with an Amazon Fire Stick connected to a television, as well as a keyboard, a mouse and a smartphone, Arion Kurtaj could have infiltrated the various private servers at Rockstar to commit his misdeeds. Even more, he would have taken the opportunity to infiltrate without difficulty into the bowels of Uber, Microsoft or even the Revolut bank, while he was under another charge.

Not stopping there, the hacker was also able to connect to the company’s Slack server to more or less announce himself to the various teams as being a ” assailant and not a Rockstar employee. This is how he could have sent this message: If Rockstar does not contact me on Telegram within 24 hours, I will start posting the source code. »

The Amazon Fire Stick running on Fire OS, a forking of the Android system developed by Amazon for its streaming device, the hacker could easily have jailbraked it in order to install tools to help it in its misdeeds. Still according to court documents, he would not be the only one in the crosshairs of justice: another 17-year-old teenager would have participated in the various hacks within the Lapsus$ group, which has been operating since 2021 between Brazil and the United Kingdom. . Sentencing for the two teenagers is expected later this year, according to the BBC.

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