The horror phone.  The man lost PLN 100,000

The horror phone. The man lost PLN 100,000

A man who lost PLN 100,000 as a result of fraud reported to the Małopolska police. The fraudsters convinced him that he would make money on investments.

The economic situation in Poland is not the best. Renting and buying an apartment is difficult due to rising prices. Additionally, energy prices will be unfreezed from July. It is therefore not surprising that many people are afraid for their future, and investments could be a solution. However, it is difficult to start from scratch, and fraudsters are waiting at every corner.

He wanted to invest in the stock market. He lost PLN 100,000

A 52-year-old man reported to the police from Brzesko and described how he was deceived. A scammer was supposed to call him impersonating an investment consultant. The man explained how the investment procedure would be carried out and informed a resident of the Brzeg district that it required knowledge and experience, so he would help and advise him in this.

A 52-year-old man agreed to such cooperation and, at the suggestion of the “consultant”, downloaded it to his smartphone remote screen control application. In this way, the criminals profited access, among others to his online banking. Shortly afterwards, the man realized that money had disappeared from his account and learned that an attempt was made to take out a loan using his details. A resident of the Brzeg district lost PLN 100,000 this way.

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