the helmet would be delivered without these essential accessories

According to information from Mark Gurman, Apple would deliver its Vision Pro helmet without the upper strap and without corrective lenses… even if the latter seem essential to offer optimal comfort to the user.

Now official, the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset is starting to be tested on a larger scale internally. That’s what Mark Gurman tells us. In his Power On newsletter, the journalist from Bloomberg, often well-informed, reveals that the Apple headset would now be tested by several thousand people. And if only the most senior executives of Apple have the right to take their copy home, the first feedback in real conditions of use is beginning to emerge.

We thus learn that the helmet would be a little heavy to use. It must be said that the Vision Pro is essentially made of glass and aluminum, instead of the plastic materials mainly used by the competition. The weight of these materials would have an impact on the comfort of use, which Apple had expected. To compensate, the firm relies on an upper strap to better distribute the load, thus improving the comfort of the helmet, but also its maintenance on the user’s head.

A helmet sold “from” 3499 dollars…

According to Mark Gurman, however, Apple does not consider this accessory to be essential… and therefore does not, at this stage, intend to provide it by default with its headphones. According to information gleaned by the journalist, the firm would rather plan to sell it separately, in the form of an option to be selected when ordering.

Mark Gurman also recalls that Apple announced its Vision Pro ” from $3499 implying that options would indeed be there to inflate the final price of the product. The upper strap would therefore be part of it, in the same way as the Zeiss corrective lenses dedicated to users wearing glasses, believes Mark Gurman. In other words, it would therefore be necessary to buy optional accessories to take advantage of the Apple Vision Pro in optimal conditions.

Note, however, that the helmet will not arrive on the market before the beginning of 2024. Apple therefore has a little over 6 months to possibly change its mind. On this point, the tests in progress should be decisive in the strategy adopted by the brand. Remember also that Apple would have started working in parallel on the development of two other mixed reality headsets: an upgraded version of the current Vision Pro and a more affordable version that we recently told you about.

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